Universal Lutein Supplements

With the increasing usage of electronic devices and hence the early development of vision disorders, such as myopia and cataract, health awareness has been raised and the general public has been paying more attention to their eye and vision health. Other than all vision correction treatments, nutritional supplements also play an important role for eye protection.
Universal Vision Biotechnology thus collaborated with teams from biotechnology and food science and developed a collection of Universal lutein supplements specific for different ages in the family, hoping to take care of your vision in every way throughout a lifetime.

Product Introduction

  • A collection of 3 products designed for children, adults and elders of different ages
  • Third party tested and certified ingredients and formulas
  • Ingredients including phosphatidylserine from CHEMI Italy with 19 patents of manufacturing process and purification, kosher certified selenium and calendula lutein patented in US and Japan


  • SNQ, Symbol of National Quality
  • National Biotechnology and Medical Care Quality Award
  • The National Brand Yushan Award