Universal Optical, Your Vision Guard with Medical Expertise

“Medical optometry, Scientific Prescription.” Standing out from all eyewear providers, Universal Optical combines ophthalmology and optometry specialties and offers top quality vision products and services to consumers, including wide ranges of fashionable eyeglasses frames, multifocal and progressive lenses for myopia and presbyopia, sunglasses, orthokeratology, rigid gas permeable lenses, regular/colored contact lenses, eye supplements, etc.

See Clear. See Comfort. See the Future.

With strong ophthalmology background, we take quality to the highest level.
All products and services are reviewed and recommended by the ophthalmologists and optometrists in the group.
A specialized prescription process with 16 steps was also developed to best personalize prescribed glasses for everyone.
Long trusted by the consumers, Universal Optical has grown into a renowned professional eyewear brand in Taiwan and also expanded to the China market.

“Professional, reliable, attentive and honest" is our motto and for people to "see clear, see comfort, and see the future” is our ultimate goal.

Specialized Services

  • Medical and scientific based prescription of eyeglasses
  • Lenses and glasses of leading optical brands
  • Sunglasses and fashionable glasses
  • Reading glasses and progressive lenses for presbyopia
  • Contact lenses for myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia and astigmatism
  • Lenses, ortho-k and other products for myopia control
  • Universal lutein supplements
  • Universal Eyemall