The company is committed to the fulfillment of corporate social responsibility. We pursue sustainability as well as profitability under the principle of good faith, and value environmental, social and corporate governance issues. It is hoped that through proper communication with all stakeholders and understanding their expectations, needs and important issues of concern, we are able to better implement future corporate management and operations. Please feel free to contact us for any related questions and feedback through the following channels.


Topics of Concern 1. Labor management 2. Anti-corruption 3. Ethic and legal compliance 4. Other matters


Topics of Concern 1. Customer health and safety 2. Customer privacy 3. Responsibility and regulation 4. Other matters


Topics of Concern 1. Employee relations 2. Employee welfares 3. Human rights and equality 4. Other matters


Topics of Concern 1. Market outlook 2. Business performance 3. Investment 4. Other matters